Sundrop Electric's Guide to your 4/20 weekend

What to do?!?! So many options! Too much confusing input! Don't panic, we've got it all figured out for you:

Friday, 4/20. Head over to The Merrow, where we will be playing with Runs Deep, Little Heroine, and Polux.

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Live at the Merrow 4/20 Edition!

PRO-TIP: don't smoke up too much before the show. You'll get couch-lock, and pass out watching shitty TV (just like every other night... loser). Instead, eat a powerful edible about half an hour before the show. That way, the effects won't kick in until just about the time you get to the Merrow. Then you'll have the best of both worlds: stoned as fuck and listening to loud and glorious live music with a beer in your hand.

Saturday, 4/21. Rest up. Drink lots of fluids. Feel free to do your usual couch-lock thing. Stay at home. Don't exert yourself. That way, you're all ready for...

Sunday, 4/22. The Whistle Stop! where we will be playing with the inimitable Bloomcaster. UPDATE: Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, Bloomcaster will sadly NOT be able to join us. Instead, the amazing Runs Deep will be rejoining us from Friday!

Live at the Whistle Stop!

Weed optional at this point. It's not 4/20 anymore, after all, and you have to work tomorrow. I mean you're not in your 20s anymore. Maybe it's time for you to start acting like the aging closet-conformist you always secretly knew you were. I mean, you should still totally go. Don't get us wrong. Maybe have one drink, two max. Tap your toes a little, bob your head. Then go home and straight to bed so you can wake up for work the next day relatively rested and alert for your Monday morning status meeting.

PRO-TIP: Fuck it. Get trashed and call in sick the next day.

See you there!