Album Release Party at Soda Bar 8/29!

I know what you're thinking. Here we go again. Vague promises. Grand claims of upcoming new albums. Possible upcoming shows. Maybe you just swiped past it before, barely thinking the thought "yeah, whatever" before you're onto the next Huffpost clickbait thing.

I don't blame you. There's a lot to sort through these days. More than half of that is some awful Trump-related bullshit, the other half is some shitty "Sponsored Post" or ad. I've already gone on long enough that more than half or you will have stopped reading this by now. Myself included! My attention span is wrecked anymore. You know what's wrong with the Left Coast 70s station on Soma FM? Too much fucking James Taylor. Yeah, that's right- they're playing him right now. They play him at least once an hour. I would rather hear an hour of the same Captain and Tennille song on repeat than to hear one James Taylor song. FUCK James Taylor, man... I guess I need to find a better yacht rock station...

fuck James Taylor

Anyways what I'm trying to say is- the new album, There's Enough Land In The Sky For Everyone, has officially shipped from the factory, and will be in my sweaty hands by FRIDAY. So- if you're still paying attention- this is your official notice: prepare yourself!

This is by far the best thing that Sundrop Electric has done to date. Recorded at the inimitable Pacific Beat Recording Studio by the inimitable Alan Sanderson, these songs were crafted over many months of blood, booze, sweat and tears. Well not literal tears, but you get the idea. Bottom line- it's fucking good. Here, click on this and listen while you read the rest of this bullshit.

To celebrate the release of our new album, you are cordially invited to the Soda Bar on August 29th. We will be playing with the inimitable Super Buffet, as well as the inimitable Retra. Only $6! You can pre-order tickets here.

Album Release Party

These are exciting times. If you made it this far, perhaps you sense this. I feel that all of this coincides with a fairly large novelty wave I'm catching in my own life. So, as the saying goes: buy the ticket, take the ride. See you there!

Oh, man... now they're playing Buckingham/Nicks? Why do I listen to this shit?